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Remembering Aaron

We all know it. The best way to remember and live through Aaron’s passionate, fun-loving spirit is to rock on. To pursue the music we love, to help the lives of other youths who possess that inner drive, that inner desire, to play some fantastic music. Below are a few examples of how we are living through Aaron and his memorial fund.

Giving back through the
Aaron M. Stone Memorial fund

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Rock On!

We were introduced to the TROY Center In the fall of 2017. We soon recognized that TROY provided us to exactly what we were looking for: youth who have a passion for music but may not have the opportunity to develop it fully. Within a few months, we had equipped three students from TROY with instruments and were paying for an instructor from Sweetwater to meet with the students weekly at the school. It wasn’t long before two more TROY student were participating in what had quickly become the TROY Center Band.
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Troy Music Room

Music Rooms

In March of 2018, the Memorial Fund provided a fully-equipped music room at the TROY Center. The room has everything needed for a full musical experience. The finishing touch was the three blue birds painted on the wall along with the phrase, “everything little thing is gonna be alright”. In March of 2019, the Memorial Fund approved a request from the Children’s Autism Center for instruments and equipment for a music room. The proposal was presented by Nick Forte, a client at the Center. Nick completed his bachelor’s degree in music engineering at Saint Francis University in 2019.
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Aaron's Essentials

Aaron's Essentials

In 2018, we began distributing backpacks to teens undergoing inpatient treatment at Lutheran Hospital. Each backpack contains the items considered by Aaron as essential to a tolerable stay in the hospital (a blanket, socks, earbuds, etc.). In April of 2020, we added another item to the backpack: a ukulele. We think it is only fitting that music be considered as one of Aaron’s essentials. Here are the items in Aaron’s essentials: water bottle, blanket, Tim Horton’s gift card, earbuds, Uno cards, crazy socks, and ukulele.
StoneyFest Event


Oh yeah, time to rock out and have some fun, some laughs, and listen to some fantastic music from local artists at Stonyfest. Our day-long event raises money for the Aaron M. Stone Memorial Fund — so be sure to join us and rock on Aaron!

Other related one-time events

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Kick off Event

It was fitting that we launched the Aaron M. Stone Memorial Fund in September of 2017, given that September is National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. We launched the Fund with a backyard event that featured live music, great food, and our first gift from the Fund, which was a check in the amount of $5,000 to the Little Wish Foundation. In addition to kicking off the Fund’s activities, it was our first opportunity to express our gratitude to those family members and friends who had been and who continue to be such an important part of our lives. Little did we know at the time, but this backyard event would evolve into StoneyFest, our signature event.
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We would like to thank those who have supported us in our work

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The Aaron M. Stone Memorial Fund is brought to you by A,B,C,D friends. Special thanks to the wonderful people and organizations who have help us along the way: Studio 13, Abigail Edmonds, Chuck and Lisa Surack, as well as all of our sponsors. The Aaron M. Stone Memorial Fund is designated by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.

Thank you and rock on Aaron!

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